What is a Virtual AdventureRun


In times like these it is very important to stay positive and active to allow you to stay healthy.  Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to go and enjoy your favourite activity at your local AdventureRun events, but we want to help you to stay healthy and to continue working on your healthy habits. We have launched Virtual AdventureRun that will give an opportunity to exercise.


Entries are open on www.adventurerun.co.za.


All our Virtual AdventureRuns are pet friendly!  


Visit our Virtual AdventureRun Facebook page, and share you pictures and adventures with us.


What is a Virtual AdventureRun?  

A Virtual AdventureRun works exactly the same as any other type of running  or walking event. The difference is that the entered race can be run or walked at any location, at any pace, inside, at home or on a treadmill, in another country! 


All you have to do is enter a race and provide evidence that you have done it. That's it!  That's the kind of flexibility offered by our Virtual AdventureRuns. Runners who sign up for a Virtual AdventureRun register online and simply choose the distance they want complete on that day. You can then decide where you want to do the km’s you entered for as well as the time of day, as long as it is on the race day and between the race times indicated. 


Once have completed your km’s and it has been recorded on a GPS device, you then send the proof through to adventurerun.results@gmail.com. The  date, race time, your race number and distance will be officially recorded and emailed to you and will also be available on www.adventurerun.co.za


How does it work?

This is how the Monthly Virtual Races work:


There will be 4 Virtual Races during each month:

Virtual AdventureRun or Ride #1

Virtual AdventureRun or Ride #2

Virtual AdventureRun or Ride #3

Virtual AdventureRun or Ride #4


After each Virtual Race you will receive a Virtual Medal.  If you have collected all 4 virtual medals for the month, you will receive the stunning, newly designed Virtual AdventureRun or Ride medal for that month.



Entrants will have the following options to enter:     

SINGLE DAY RUN/WALK:  5km / 10km / 15km / 21km @  R50     

MULTI-DAY RUN/WALKS: 20km / 30km / 42km @ R60     


SINGLE DAY RIDE: 10km / 20km / 40km / 60km @ R50     

MULTI-DAY RIDE:  40km / 60km / 90km @ R60


*Single day run/walk/ride = a person does the selected any day of the week between Monday and Sunday and send the results to AdventureRun.results@gmail.com     

*Multi-day run/walk/ride = a person can do any distance on various days of the week between Monday and Sunday until they have completed their selected distance for the week.  They must then send their results for the week in ONE email to AdventureRun.results@gmail.com


Entrants can either do a one day distance and submit their evidence by Sunday at 11am.

Or they can do multiple distances on various days to make up the overall distance for the week they entered for, and submit all distances covered by Sunday at 11am.


For more information contact Glizelle on 083 264 3931 or adventurerun.info@gmail.com 


AdventureTails are owned and managed by:

Shane Gouldie and Glizelle Langerman

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