AdventureRun Parks' Rules & Regulations

Disclaimer; Indemnity; and Strict Rules and Regulations

applicable to all venues, dates and distances:


  1. A maximum of 20 runners/walkers will be allowed per distance per hour to ensure social distancing.

  2. Time slots can only be booked as pre-booking, late entries on the day will only be allowed if there are still time slots available for that specific hour. 

  3. Arrive at Park 15 minutes before your start time.

  4. Present proof of payment and time registration at park entry.

  5. Late arrivals will result in forfeiture of booking I.e no run and no refund.

  6. No mixing with runners are allowed before and after start times.

  7. People over the age of 60 will be allowed to enter at their own risk (unfortunately no discount prices will apply for these entries unless an Over 60s Membership plan has been purchased which is applicable at some venues).

  8. No spectators will be allowed on the premises. Only people that have registered to run/walk will be allowed access to the venue.

  9. Everyone should wear a cloth mask while on the premises.

  10. Sanitise hands arriving at the registration desk.

  11. You must report to the registration desk before and after the run/walk.

  12. Slow runners or walkers must give way to the left to allow faster runners to pass 2 meters apart.

  13. Please respect the health hazards and do not come for a run/walk if you have any of the following signs: fever, cough, or sore throat.

  14. Dogs are allowed at all our AdentureRun Exercise Park Days except at Kimiad Golf and Driving Range and Rietvlei Dam.

  15. Dogs must be on a leash AT ALL TIMES and is only allowed on the 5km and 10km trails.

  16. Please bring own hydration, no water points will be available on route.

  17. After completion of run/walk, you have 15 minutes to exit venue.

  18. Where available, Take-away food and Coffee can be ordered before your run/walk and collected when leaving the park venue. 

  19. The venue and the AdventureRun Park operator (and overarching companies), and its employees does not accept and can not be held liable for injury, sickness or loss or theft occurred while at the venue.

  20. Running / walking at the AdventureRun Park is stricktly at the persons' own risk.


AdventureTails are owned and managed by:

Shane Gouldie and Glizelle Langerman

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