We are passionate  about animals and fitness.  Bringing the two together by hosting the AdventureTails Pet Friendly walks/runs allows us to bring our passion to you.

Pets are so part of the family and there are so few places and events you can go with them, or adventures you can experience with them.  We aim to make it possible to have great Adventures with the whole family including your four legged ones. 

Be adventurous, do it as a family and let it become a Way of Life.


During our events you will be able to participate in either 2km, 5km and 10km trails, which are pet friendly. We also have 15km and 21km trails which are not pet friendly which can be walked or run by anyone. For those that already have dogs that are able to do a 15km and 21km trail, you will just need to provide us with a letter from your vet to state that your dog will be able to handle those distances.

For those with a competitive streak, there are great medals up for grabs to the first 2 finishers for each distance.  All other participants also receive a medal.

We have a water stop with lovely water bowls halfway, so no need to bring your own, unless you want to. There will also be water bowls and doggy pools at the finish line, for your pet to cool down in.  There will also be somewhere for you to cool down as well.  Either at the venue's restaurants or we will have food and beverage trucks at your disposal.

If the venue has a restaurant, you will be able to go to the restaurant with your pets, you will just have to sit outside. 

We also have a photographer at the events to capture all the special moments for you to revisit on our Facebook page. 


AdventureTails are owned and managed by:

Shane Gouldie and Glizelle Langerman

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T: 083 264 3931

E: g.langerman@gmail.com

South Africa